a slightly futile kind of closure

Not as productive a day as I’d have liked, to be honest…

Originally plan to do a whole bunch of work, but when I follow the instructions for the boiling ring and turn it on at high heat for five minutes, the kitchen fills with smoke and the smell of burning plastic. So I box it up and take it back to Argos.

I catch a 176, which should stop just outside, but instead terminates at Trafalgar Square – the reason for this is soon obvious, as the streets around Charing Cross road are nearing gridlock, on account of all the road works. It’s taken just over a year, but Boris has finally returned London’s roads to the state they were in just before Ken took power.

Eventually get to Argos, and find that the returns queue is the same as the purchase queue (which suggests that they get a lot of returns), and I get my money back from the same woman I paid yesterday, which suggests a slightly futile kind of closure.

Walk home the very long way, firstly looking in Robert Dyas to see if they have anything, then a different Robert Dyas (don’t know why, it’s exactly the same stock), then in a bizarre freak change of plan walk to the Temple Church, because I’ve always wanted to see it, but have never managed to find the way in or be there when it’s open. I’m in luck – it’s open, and someone’s practising the church organ. There’s one carved memorial (beautified in 1615, apparently) that I’d very much like to photograph, but I’m suddenly struck (and offended) by the number of people snapping away.

Spend some time trying to get out of the Temple, then walk home via Blackfriars Road.

Lunch, bit of a lie down, some research on monitors (which gets ever more confusing) and Haru gets home.

We have sausages and chips for dinner.

After dinner I swap the connections on the monitors (to see if that helps) have a look at the dustiness inside the desktop computer (need to get an air blower, I think) and get back to Judith’s cover after more than a week of chasing after a variety of completely unrelated things. Bah. I’m a bad boy. Get several very different covers knocked together.

Her new album is excellent, by the way.