the synchronicity breaks down there

I don’t manage to get the stuff I wanted to do done, but I do manage to do a bunch of stuff, largely getting things into envelopes and getting the envelopes in the post. All the same, available time seems to be evaporating, which is annoying.

In the afternoon I go to John Lewis to collect the temporary hob I ordered (serve me right if the cooker is cured tomorrow).

In the evening to the Movements, which is getting quite infiltrated by Bennettites. Ha.

Home chatting to Jacek on the tube. There are a couple of lads in the carriage who have torn newspapers and turned them into fake bouquets. As I’m walking home from the tube station, there are two other lads, one of whom is carrying a real bouquet of roses. The other is carrying football boots, so I suppose the synchronicity breaks down there.

Haru gets tickets to see June Tabor on Friday, which makes me very pleased as I’ve wanted to see June Tabor for over twenty years. As H points out this is turning out to be a year for seeing hitherto unseen performers.