I probably ought to turn off that half

A lot of the day spent working on a website – it’s strange how missing half of one screen slows me down! I probably ought to turn off that half, but don’t seem to get round to it.

In the afternoon I walk up to London Bridge, pay a largish cheque into the bank and immediately celebrate by buying tomorrow’s breakfast from Borough Market. It costs about the same as going to the caff, but with absolutely top ingredients.

On the way back, I buy a cafetiere and a toast rack and photograph an abandoned doll.

In the evening to the QEH to see the magnificent June Tabor in concert, another of those people whom I’ve wanted to see perform for a very long time and have only just got the chance to see (only Elizabeth Fraser and Young Marble Giants left, I think… oh, and XTC, but there’s literally no chance of that happening).

Worth the wait, though, Ms Tabor. That’s a voice to fill a room, even one as big as the QEH.