time seems to have gone gelatinous on me

Hmm. In the morning I’m still struggling with the same task as yesterday, that I thought would be done by the end of the weekend (time seems to have gone gelatinous on me), and in the afternoon I have a similarly ineffective tussle with Denise’s old PC, her new Mac and a couple of ethernet cables.

On the way I change at London Bridge, where all the information boards are dead, consequently no one knows where their train is going from (over 13 platforms in two or three places). General air of panic. I get on a train while the staff are still managing to be helpful.

Anyway, get to Denise’s and sit in the garden enjoying the last of the Autumn. Then try to get Windows 2000 communicating to Mac, which it doesn’t want to do. Windows 2000 is a completely ridiculous OS – essentially all the really useful stuff is put at the back of drawers labelled with completely different things. If this is what 98% of computer users had to deal with, it’s amazing that anything ever got done. Eventually the PC is brought to my flat and I successfully transfer the files Denise wanted me to. As payment I get the monitor that used to go with the PC. Hurrah, I now have fully-functioning screen on both sides. It’s a bit like getting my ears unblocked. Only visual.