Only less droppy, obviously.

Up a little late. Hum. Waking up is a bit tenuous. Feels a bit like clinging on to a cliff by one’s fingernails. Only less droppy, obviously.

Anyway, usual morning stuff.

I spend the day doing lots of little things, only by the end of it realising I’ve managed to avoid doing the things I really needed to do. Sneaky me.

I do record and edit lead and copious backing vocals for Care, which will presumably be this week’s upload.

I don’t complete the audio editing I meant to, or the website I meant to or all the other things I meant to.

I do make dinner – an insane hamburgersteak concoction – and H gets chips.

After dinner we do the toast. Another month gone. My goodness. Some temporal pixie has their foot on the accellerator, don’t they.