someone invariably comes over to “help” me

I get croissants from Sainsburys, waiting in line for the one cashier (as opposed to the two people standing around to do people’s self-service paypoint for them). Someone behind me asks whether the tills are broken, and I reply that I just don’t like using them very much. I do notice that the last few times I’ve been in, the customer in front of me is unusually difficult (going through pockets to make up the money in change, for example, or packing his shopping singly in different pockets of his rucksack). I suppose that the people who insist on human interaction are self-selecting them… ourselves from the difficult sector of society. I’ll probably switch over to the self-service. I just don’t like being pushed around by a pre-recorded message (and I never learn how to use it properly, because someone invariably comes over to “help” me).

Anyway. Not a productive day, except that I buy some very nice saxophone samples and work out how to beat match the MIDI clock to audio files, which is actually quite exciting.

In the evening to the Royal Festival Hall for Steve Reich. Bump into Sandra P in the ticket hall.

Very good stuff, and the chat with Reich afterwards was terrific, although there’s something faintly ramshackle about the organisation (there’s a video feed of the interview at the back of the stage, that cuts out half-way through, and an large caption that contains the word “contempory”. Perhaps they noticed the mis-spelling and that’s why the feed was pulled).

Walk home. Toast.


A day of not quite getting round to the things I was supposed to be doing – in the morning a discussion with Phil about the Passport show, at the newly-expanded Scooterworks; in the afternoon, tweaking Deja Vu, talking to Denise about her very-soon-about-to-go-live site.

In the evening to the Bennett group.

After that, drinking armagnac and listening to harmonium music.

(largely the length : file quality : file size conundrum)

Up early despite the fact that I had insomnia, and so I’d not been down particularly. Sitting, after a fashion, breakfast, wave goodbye to H, then gather myself to go to SW1R – there’s supposed to be an early start today, and I get there at 8:45, but as it turns out the station isn’t broadcasting. I set up the mics and all my other stuff. Phil has to get instructions on how to reboot the station.

There’s a show in the end, but it’s a very long process. After the show I record Phil clapping his hands in the middle of the church hall, which I hope to use as an impulse response.

To the deli for a coffee, then home. After I get home and unpack I have lunch, then have to lie down for a bit.

In the late afternoon / evening, I mix this morning’s session and try to make something podcastable out of the show. This brings up a whole range of other challenges (largely the length : file quality : file size conundrum).

Upload all the tracks and photos from this morning to the Passport Sessions site, anyway.

Tired. Probably re-horizontalise in a bit.

Do you hear that, unconscious mind?

Oversleep. Bah.

More colouring in, all day. It sounds like fun, until you realise you can’t move to the sand pit after you’ve had your orange juice.

I start cooking dinner, then H gets home, then while dinner is stewing I go out for a run, or a wobble these days, and then home, shower and serve dinner.

Then more colouring. I’m now about half way through, stuck into the most complicated one.

Pack the case to go to SW1R tomorrow, as it’s an early start. Which means I need to get up on time. Do you hear that, unconscious mind?

bed next, I assume

Um… Up, sit, breakfast, wave goodbye, stretch, shower, dress, colour in fairies, lunch, more fairies, say hello, clean bathroom, Movements, home, dinner, this… bed next, I assume.


Up late, still lurgified, not so much today, except I have a headache.

I spend the day trying to catch up with the work I should have been doing this week, and mostly succeeding, though miss the end of the week by a few minutes, uploadwise.

I upload a very minor instrumental and make dinner.

In the evening watch a BBC4 documentary about Krautrock (which I suppose is one of the movements with which I feel the most sympathy, which is probably a surprise) and upload the pictures from Wednesday’s Passport. Oh, well, it will be nice to get down to doing things again.

broadly of lurgification

Another day broadly of lurgification, though I make a trip to the supermarket to get lunch (and it lays me low for a couple of hours).

In the evening with H and Ben to see Up, which is a wonderful film, and yes, its extraordinary how still the audience are during the sad bits and… well… squirrel!

come home, fall over and sleep

Up at six, sit, breakfast etc. Long hot shower to try to get myself moving and out to SW1R. I take all the stuff, but it turns out that I only need the stereo pair and associated cables and one mic stand. Ho hum.

Don’t go to the delicatessen for coffee – come home, fall over and sleep.

In the evening I add 70s strings and an unexpected Steely Dan horn section to Deja Vu.

multiple bah‘s

I come down heavily with a cold, and the day involves a lot of sleeping – again. And sneezing. And not doing the things I wanted to do today. So multiple bah‘s there.

I probably wouldn’t have needed the motivation

I spend a lot of time trying to motivate myself to do things. If I’d spent half the time I spend motivating, actually doing, I probably wouldn’t have needed the motivation, which suggests that it didn’t work that wonderfully.

I’m sure something does get done. I mean, I remember doing things, but now I come to try to think of things that were done… Bah!

In the evening to the Movements class, which goes a lot better than usual.

We’ve just marked the transition to the time when I have to wear my overcoat whenever I go out. Except when I go running, obviously. I have a special anorak for that.

Home. Spicy vegetable curry.