but history nonetheless

Twenty-eight years ago today I went to see King Crimson play at Aylesbury Friars. The rest is history. Not a terribly interesting or significant history, but history nonetheless.

Up, sit, breakfast, wave goodbye to H. I leave the flat at about 8:50 to get to SW1R, which I do at 9:30. However, I can’t get anyone’s attention, so I stand outside for half an hour. Just as I’m about to give up and go home, one of the old ladies lets me in, but I’m in a bad mood for the rest of the morning.

Today’s guests are Jyoshna and Shzr Ee. Anyway, lovely music, despite my foul mood.

Thence to the deli for coffee, and a bus home. I notice that my mood has a negative effect on my ability to do the right thing. Again.

Home, lunch. Lie down. Bits and pieces.

H gets home, I begin mixing the session, which sounds quite nice, actually. After dinner I finish the mixing, and upload the tracks along with some photos I took.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.