they do show up the dirt incredibly

Up later, as H has to go to the doctor’s for a check-up. A whole day of dithering for me, though I do take receipt of a set of photographic lights. Although they take up a regrettable amount of space, they do throw an incredible amount of light, which is good in some ways, they do show up the dirt incredibly.

Normal light is so yellow.

There’s also a light tent. Once I’ve put it up (and used it to take some remarkable macro pictures) I realise that there are no instructions. I find an explanation of how to fold it up on YouTube, along with comments to the effect that numerous other people wanted this information, some of whom had been co-habiting with the tent for months.

H gets home, and I show off the new tech.

For dinner I get pizza. We were supposed to eat it with salad that’s in the fridge, but it seems that we forgot about that.


One of the photographic lamps is the main source of light in the living room now. Very daylight-ish, and (so I’m told) Japanese.