(largely the length : file quality : file size conundrum)

Up early despite the fact that I had insomnia, and so I’d not been down particularly. Sitting, after a fashion, breakfast, wave goodbye to H, then gather myself to go to SW1R – there’s supposed to be an early start today, and I get there at 8:45, but as it turns out the station isn’t broadcasting. I set up the mics and all my other stuff. Phil has to get instructions on how to reboot the station.

There’s a show in the end, but it’s a very long process. After the show I record Phil clapping his hands in the middle of the church hall, which I hope to use as an impulse response.

To the deli for a coffee, then home. After I get home and unpack I have lunch, then have to lie down for a bit.

In the late afternoon / evening, I mix this morning’s session and try to make something podcastable out of the show. This brings up a whole range of other challenges (largely the length : file quality : file size conundrum).

Upload all the tracks and photos from this morning to the Passport Sessions site, anyway.

Tired. Probably re-horizontalise in a bit.