someone invariably comes over to “help” me

I get croissants from Sainsburys, waiting in line for the one cashier (as opposed to the two people standing around to do people’s self-service paypoint for them). Someone behind me asks whether the tills are broken, and I reply that I just don’t like using them very much. I do notice that the last few times I’ve been in, the customer in front of me is unusually difficult (going through pockets to make up the money in change, for example, or packing his shopping singly in different pockets of his rucksack). I suppose that the people who insist on human interaction are self-selecting them… ourselves from the difficult sector of society. I’ll probably switch over to the self-service. I just don’t like being pushed around by a pre-recorded message (and I never learn how to use it properly, because someone invariably comes over to “help” me).

Anyway. Not a productive day, except that I buy some very nice saxophone samples and work out how to beat match the MIDI clock to audio files, which is actually quite exciting.

In the evening to the Royal Festival Hall for Steve Reich. Bump into Sandra P in the ticket hall.

Very good stuff, and the chat with Reich afterwards was terrific, although there’s something faintly ramshackle about the organisation (there’s a video feed of the interview at the back of the stage, that cuts out half-way through, and an large caption that contains the word “contempory”. Perhaps they noticed the mis-spelling and that’s why the feed was pulled).

Walk home. Toast.