Even then I’m surprised when it works.

Strange day – chaos and difficulties everywhere.

I continue my attempts at mastering the album after H goes to work – Waveburner seems not to do disk-at-once any more, which is a drawback in an audio mastering application. I try a few different versions before exporting the mix as a WAV file and doing it in Peak. Even then I’m surprised when it works.

Ben calls about a hard disk failure, which may impact the upcoming CA session.

So I end up getting to Streatham (where the duplicator’s is) around 13:00, rather than 10:00, which is when I thought I’d get there.

That was quite pleasant, though, apart from the Streathamness of it all. Also met duplicator’s small dog.

Back to the station. Turns out many trains to E&C have gone AWOL today, so I end up standing on the freezing platform for forty-five minutes. My phone decides that it doesn’t want to make telephone calls (until I disable 3G, and then it grudgingly connects). Finally, at 14:23, train arrives.

Get lift from E&C to Pimlico, where I pick up the PA from yesterday, take it to storage in Kennington. The usual lift isn’t working, so have to go back and up the other one. Part of the PA falls on my foot from the height of about five feet.

Stuff into storage, then home. Too tired to start work. Bit of a lie down and work on the recording of yesterday’s gig, which sounds a lot better than I thought it would.

H gets home.

At 19:00, I decide to go to the Movements class, crushed foot or not.

So, Movements, then.

Ends at 21:35, train home. Dinner. Monthly toast.

Hello December.

Or an evil fluence passing through the building.

Oversleep again.

Laptop seems to be playing up, but when I turn on the desktop that seems to be playing up too, so maybe it’s the internet connection. Or an evil fluence passing through the building.

Morning is doing Wally retouching.

In the afternoon walk over to Pimlico, to where I’m embroiled in a sound-engineer situation. Quite complex. I do get a sneak peek at a classic Shure power amp and mixer, though. Quite something.

Walk back, partly with Phil (I pick up his mic stand and mic and lead) and then home, ordering pizzas on the way.

So pizza, TV, a bit of tweaking the cover to the album and registering with CD Baby, which is quite scary in itself. I ask the Hive Mind who I sound like, but the Hive Mind doesn’t really have anything useful to say at this moment in time. Perhaps because it’s Friday and they’re all drunk. I don’t know.

Usually it’s pianos.

Wake up with a hangover, after H has gone to work. Meh.

Eventually wake up and begin work.

The day is initially one of blockages – send mail to Phil regarding borrowing a PA, waiting for a reply about making the CD, get another threatening letter from TV Licensing about a TV Licence that I do actually have. Start work.

All the blockages (apart from the TV Licence thing) clear up at about the same time.

At about five I go for a run, same route as last time, then home, shower and out to the Bennett Group. The foyer of Conway Hall is literally crammed with people drinking wine and beer. Usually it’s pianos. I like the unpredictability of Conway Hall.

After the group I walk home (the people have gone; there’s still some wine left; we don’t take any), stopping at Sainsbury’s to buy fruit and chocolate.

Home. Dinner. Chocolate. Soon bed.

the recurrence of it is quite disturbing

Up at 6:00, sit breakfast etc.

Period of dithering until I go in to Walker’s to pick up a jobette from Ben. Which i do.

Home, lunch then do the first half of Ben’s job, then go out for a run – up to the river, along the Embankment to Vauxhall Bridge, across the river, back along the northern embankment and home. It’s drizzling quite hard on the way up, less so on the way back.

H is home by the time I get back. I dither some more, listening to the preferred CD order of tracks from JP.com. I switch a couple and it sounds much better.

I make hamburger for dinner, and H gets chips. This has happened several times: it’s my turn to cook, I decide to make hamburger, can’t work out what to do with the vegetables (on account of there only being one ring at the moment), and end up with chips. Which is nice, I like chips, but the recurrence of it is quite disturbing. I always think I’ve escaped it, and.. nope, there I am again. Eating chips. Which I like. But still.

After dinner return to the bedroom and put together a cover for the “album”. Now it has a cover, it’s almost real. Let’s see if anyone can make it happen for me.

Phil H emails with a possible challenge for Sunday. It’s a charity thing, so I suspect there’s no money in it… Ho hum.

a good range of bleeps

Up, to supermarket.

Spend the day….


I do go for a run – up to the river, along a bit, down Black Prince Road and round to home. It seems longer thinking about it than it did doing it.

Home. Shower. Lunch/dinner.

Out to RFH for tonight’s gig – Tortoise supported by Cluster. Cluster take the stage and fiddle with their electronic bits and pieces. There is a charming projection of a German house in the summer. Occasionally an old gardener appears, walks across the shot and disappears again. Although I prefer 70s Cluster, it’s a good range of bleeps. Eventually Tortoise come on and join in.

Then there’s an interval. I suspect the interval was thrust upon the band for the purpose of selling drinks because afterwards all the participants come back on for another jam before Cluster leave Tortoise to their own devices.

Tortoise excellent, although they do remind me more of late 70s Genesis than previously.

Home, stopping for snacks at Sainsbury. Eat snacks. Compare and contrast Prepare Your Coffins by Tortoise and Los Endos by Genesis. Late to bed.

“hardcore protestant memorabilia”

Dithery sort of a day.

In the evening to St Giles’ Church near Centre Point to see North Sea Radio Orchestra. Charming church, with John Wesley’s pulpit in one corner (as I say – “hardcore protestant memorabilia”). Very early, so a long time to wait.

The first half is Nils Frahm. Good, but with a tendency to go from one thing to the next to the next with no real sense of structure, so after about twenty minutes the effect is dulled, and he goes for over forty-five minutes. Still, some nice ideas in there.

NSRO are lovely, and do lots of old favourites as well as a couple of tunes from their SmallFilms show and an arrangement of a Christmas carol.

Home, eventually, by a number 1 from Kingsway, after having walked to Tottenham Court Road tube (crammed) then the terminal stop for the number 1 then to Kingsway. Meh.

Home. Snacks. Bed.

With fish and chips for dinner.

Another day of colouring in Fairies. With fish and chips for dinner. Not sure that there’s anything else to mention… Failed to have a telephone conversation, despite almost answering the phone once… discovered the British Library Sound Archive and listened to a Laurie Anderson interview from 1990 and a conversation between Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett from 1998. So lots of that sort of stuff.

I wasn’t waiting for it to get dark

Hmm. Up, sit, breakfast, H goes to work. I lie down for a bit, then begin colouring in Fairies. There’s lunch. I watch the new Prisoner (which is OK, actually, though not really The Prisoner for a whole bunch of reasons).

When it gets dark I go out for a run (I wasn’t waiting for it to get dark, I don’t think). Get home just before H.

After dinner a tiny bit more colouring in, then retool a long loop-based instrumental for upload to JP.com.

the bell is now meaningless

A day of obstructions – after getting up, sitting, breakfasting and all that, I pack up my stuff and go over to SW1R for the Passport show. This takes a very long time – the bus is caught at every light and road works and the driver is very annoyed and (consequently) rude to the passengers and other drivers. Eventually it takes an hour to get there (it can take as little as half an hour).

Apparantly, Phil got there early and found some people DJing. So.

I set up in the studio. It appears that the guests have been told to go to the wrong church by their manager. Eventually they arrive, and we have the session. I’m packed up by noon, which is nice, but there is a lot of dithering afterwards. Get to the deli for 12:30.

The bus back is full of schoolgirls, one of whom takes great pleasure in ringing the bell over and over, so I go to the front and ask the driver to stop as the bell is now meaningless.

Home. Mix and master the tracks and import and tweak the photos. Have lunch.

At 17:00 go out and meet Denise at her practise rooms, where I’m to take photographs. Which I do. On the way, lots of obstructions – traffic pulling out in front of me, pedestrians wandering into my path, that sort of thing.

After we’ve done, walk home.

Make dinner – something with chicken and rice.

After dinner, complete the Passport upload and upload it. Find an interesting set of talking drum samples that I play with.

genuinely apple-y

I’m getting not-so-good at Mondays – up later than I’d like. I do manage to get the CD artwork off finally. I think. Unless it bounces back at me. Which it might.

Also I have a bright idea. Mm.

In the evening after H gets home I go out and get a celebratory dinner (4th wedding anniversary) from Ev, and on the way I go to a wine merchant that I’ve been wondering about for many years, where I get a bottle of calvados for toasting with. Recommended as genuinely apple-y.

Home, dinner, cup of tea then toast. The calvados is very good (considering it’s the cheapest one in the shop – good place with several different types of calvados!): smooth, and yes, very apple-y.

And that’s that, I think.