am handed a bag of free sushi

Up at six and the usual preparation. A bit of dithering, but I did manage to get stuff done today. Some, anyway. And I went for a run, which was nice. Or… well, you know.

Went out at 17:30 to meet with H and go to a gig. On the District Line platform of Embankment station I realise that the gig’s not until tomorrow. I then compound my stupidity by suggesting we walk home in the cold rain. D’oh.

On the upside, I get Indian food from the local takeaway, and am handed a bag of free sushi.

Home – Indian food with The Thick of It part two, then I do a bit of stuff in the bedroom, and come back for Have I Got News For You and other bits of television.

Remains to be seen whether I get up at 5:00 tomorrow morning.