the bell is now meaningless

A day of obstructions – after getting up, sitting, breakfasting and all that, I pack up my stuff and go over to SW1R for the Passport show. This takes a very long time – the bus is caught at every light and road works and the driver is very annoyed and (consequently) rude to the passengers and other drivers. Eventually it takes an hour to get there (it can take as little as half an hour).

Apparantly, Phil got there early and found some people DJing. So.

I set up in the studio. It appears that the guests have been told to go to the wrong church by their manager. Eventually they arrive, and we have the session. I’m packed up by noon, which is nice, but there is a lot of dithering afterwards. Get to the deli for 12:30.

The bus back is full of schoolgirls, one of whom takes great pleasure in ringing the bell over and over, so I go to the front and ask the driver to stop as the bell is now meaningless.

Home. Mix and master the tracks and import and tweak the photos. Have lunch.

At 17:00 go out and meet Denise at her practise rooms, where I’m to take photographs. Which I do. On the way, lots of obstructions – traffic pulling out in front of me, pedestrians wandering into my path, that sort of thing.

After we’ve done, walk home.

Make dinner – something with chicken and rice.

After dinner, complete the Passport upload and upload it. Find an interesting set of talking drum samples that I play with.