“hardcore protestant memorabilia”

Dithery sort of a day.

In the evening to St Giles’ Church near Centre Point to see North Sea Radio Orchestra. Charming church, with John Wesley’s pulpit in one corner (as I say – “hardcore protestant memorabilia”). Very early, so a long time to wait.

The first half is Nils Frahm. Good, but with a tendency to go from one thing to the next to the next with no real sense of structure, so after about twenty minutes the effect is dulled, and he goes for over forty-five minutes. Still, some nice ideas in there.

NSRO are lovely, and do lots of old favourites as well as a couple of tunes from their SmallFilms show and an arrangement of a Christmas carol.

Home, eventually, by a number 1 from Kingsway, after having walked to Tottenham Court Road tube (crammed) then the terminal stop for the number 1 then to Kingsway. Meh.

Home. Snacks. Bed.