a good range of bleeps

Up, to supermarket.

Spend the day….


I do go for a run – up to the river, along a bit, down Black Prince Road and round to home. It seems longer thinking about it than it did doing it.

Home. Shower. Lunch/dinner.

Out to RFH for tonight’s gig – Tortoise supported by Cluster. Cluster take the stage and fiddle with their electronic bits and pieces. There is a charming projection of a German house in the summer. Occasionally an old gardener appears, walks across the shot and disappears again. Although I prefer 70s Cluster, it’s a good range of bleeps. Eventually Tortoise come on and join in.

Then there’s an interval. I suspect the interval was thrust upon the band for the purpose of selling drinks because afterwards all the participants come back on for another jam before Cluster leave Tortoise to their own devices.

Tortoise excellent, although they do remind me more of late 70s Genesis than previously.

Home, stopping for snacks at Sainsbury. Eat snacks. Compare and contrast Prepare Your Coffins by Tortoise and Los Endos by Genesis. Late to bed.