the recurrence of it is quite disturbing

Up at 6:00, sit breakfast etc.

Period of dithering until I go in to Walker’s to pick up a jobette from Ben. Which i do.

Home, lunch then do the first half of Ben’s job, then go out for a run – up to the river, along the Embankment to Vauxhall Bridge, across the river, back along the northern embankment and home. It’s drizzling quite hard on the way up, less so on the way back.

H is home by the time I get back. I dither some more, listening to the preferred CD order of tracks from I switch a couple and it sounds much better.

I make hamburger for dinner, and H gets chips. This has happened several times: it’s my turn to cook, I decide to make hamburger, can’t work out what to do with the vegetables (on account of there only being one ring at the moment), and end up with chips. Which is nice, I like chips, but the recurrence of it is quite disturbing. I always think I’ve escaped it, and.. nope, there I am again. Eating chips. Which I like. But still.

After dinner return to the bedroom and put together a cover for the “album”. Now it has a cover, it’s almost real. Let’s see if anyone can make it happen for me.

Phil H emails with a possible challenge for Sunday. It’s a charity thing, so I suspect there’s no money in it… Ho hum.