Usually it’s pianos.

Wake up with a hangover, after H has gone to work. Meh.

Eventually wake up and begin work.

The day is initially one of blockages – send mail to Phil regarding borrowing a PA, waiting for a reply about making the CD, get another threatening letter from TV Licensing about a TV Licence that I do actually have. Start work.

All the blockages (apart from the TV Licence thing) clear up at about the same time.

At about five I go for a run, same route as last time, then home, shower and out to the Bennett Group. The foyer of Conway Hall is literally crammed with people drinking wine and beer. Usually it’s pianos. I like the unpredictability of Conway Hall.

After the group I walk home (the people have gone; there’s still some wine left; we don’t take any), stopping at Sainsbury’s to buy fruit and chocolate.

Home. Dinner. Chocolate. Soon bed.