Or an evil fluence passing through the building.

Oversleep again.

Laptop seems to be playing up, but when I turn on the desktop that seems to be playing up too, so maybe it’s the internet connection. Or an evil fluence passing through the building.

Morning is doing Wally retouching.

In the afternoon walk over to Pimlico, to where I’m embroiled in a sound-engineer situation. Quite complex. I do get a sneak peek at a classic Shure power amp and mixer, though. Quite something.

Walk back, partly with Phil (I pick up his mic stand and mic and lead) and then home, ordering pizzas on the way.

So pizza, TV, a bit of tweaking the cover to the album and registering with CD Baby, which is quite scary in itself. I ask the Hive Mind who I sound like, but the Hive Mind doesn’t really have anything useful to say at this moment in time. Perhaps because it’s Friday and they’re all drunk. I don’t know.