Even then I’m surprised when it works.

Strange day – chaos and difficulties everywhere.

I continue my attempts at mastering the album after H goes to work – Waveburner seems not to do disk-at-once any more, which is a drawback in an audio mastering application. I try a few different versions before exporting the mix as a WAV file and doing it in Peak. Even then I’m surprised when it works.

Ben calls about a hard disk failure, which may impact the upcoming CA session.

So I end up getting to Streatham (where the duplicator’s is) around 13:00, rather than 10:00, which is when I thought I’d get there.

That was quite pleasant, though, apart from the Streathamness of it all. Also met duplicator’s small dog.

Back to the station. Turns out many trains to E&C have gone AWOL today, so I end up standing on the freezing platform for forty-five minutes. My phone decides that it doesn’t want to make telephone calls (until I disable 3G, and then it grudgingly connects). Finally, at 14:23, train arrives.

Get lift from E&C to Pimlico, where I pick up the PA from yesterday, take it to storage in Kennington. The usual lift isn’t working, so have to go back and up the other one. Part of the PA falls on my foot from the height of about five feet.

Stuff into storage, then home. Too tired to start work. Bit of a lie down and work on the recording of yesterday’s gig, which sounds a lot better than I thought it would.

H gets home.

At 19:00, I decide to go to the Movements class, crushed foot or not.

So, Movements, then.

Ends at 21:35, train home. Dinner. Monthly toast.

Hello December.