which has me jumping up and down, rather

Up at 6:00, sit, breakfast. H goes to work. I lie down for a bit.

Out to Passport at about 9:20. As I leave the door, a truck pulls in to the drive next to our building and obstructs the path. Around the corner, the way is obstructed by a crane, and St George’s Road is being resurfaced, so I need to walk (with all my stuff) another two stops. Eventually bus comes. At some point the obstructions lift somewhat.

Get to the studio, just after the musicians have arrived. However, they don’t have their guitarist with them, which at first means they won’t perform, but Phil perseveres with them and they agree. I set up outside. A poet arrives to be interviewed.

Anyway, it all turns out to be a lovely session. A tremendously enlivening performance (with drumming on an upturned litter bin), which has me jumping up and down, rather.

To the deli for coffee after to discuss the near future. Then home.

I mix and upload the tracks and the photos from this week and last.

In the late afternoon I walk to Maplins in the pouring rain (wonderful inventions, these umbrellas) to get some CDRs. Then walk back again in more rain. There’s even hail.

Home. Dinner. Tweaking things.