this choice of rudenesses

Um.. Sunday, yes.

Up. Supermarket, home.

Colouring in Fairies.

In the afternoon to Brentford, home of the fabled Brentford Nylons, which turns out to be a lot easier to get to than I’d have thought. I’ll rest easy if I ever need to go to Brentford again.

It’s a celebration at the house Will S is living in (until soon, when he moves out). I find out at last what egg nog is like, which I’d always wondered (like Baileys, essentially), and have an Irish coffee made for me. In a situation such as this, where I know hardly anyone there, there seem to be two choices – to be rude by entering the room where all the people I don’t know are (so they wonder “who is this person, drinking our drink?”) or hanging out with the people I do know, only appearing as I leave (so that the assembled company think “Who was that person, drinking our drink?”) As it happens, I opt for the latter strategy in this choice of rudenesses. But it was all very nice, and very welcoming, and I had to leave at the time I did in order to get the train, with another person called John who works down the road from where I live, because it’s a very small world indeed.

Home. Colouring, dinner, more colouring, then Alan Bennett’s magnificent A Question of Attribution, in which all the dialogue appears to signify at least two things simultaneously.

Up a bit late, sadly.