the consensus ran in completely the opposite direction

Oversleep, so I get to Passport late. Still, get there. There’s a primary school play outside, the purpose of which is to entertain the children by letting the teachers embarrass themselves. The two male members of staff are playing the dame and the fairy godmother and all the other characters are played by the many female members of staff. So, teaching the future generations well, there. In a catholic school, no less.

When I arrive there’s an involved discussion between Prince Charming and the King taking place. I’m interested, as Prince Charming doesn’t get much in the way of backstory ordinarily. When I was small, I complained to the teacher that the fairy stories were obviously sexist – after all the boy characters weren’t very interesting, as all they did was turn up at the end and marry the main characters of the stories. Imagine my surprise when I woke up and discovered that the consensus ran in completely the opposite direction.

Lovely session (well, one song when the kids had left) by Reem Kelani.

After the show to the deli for coffee, then home. I mix the song, then have lunch, then lie down, then shower, then off to the Jeays Xmas Extravaganza. Which goes quite well, I think. A lot more smoothly than usual. The usual line-up (me, then Geoff, then the Jeays Big Band). Various people come to see me, though I don’t know what they think of the show. I take my CDs with me and sell several, which is nice. I hope I don’t get complaints about them having been online. Still, lovely blue cover, with flowers on it.

Will gives me a lift home. I go and get unsuitable food from the corner shop. Diet may be over, then.