An interesting corollary

Spent most of the day being blegh. In the evening to the Bloomsbury, to accompany Phil J at the Nine Lessons and Carols for the Godless gig. I need to keep reminding myself that I don’t actually know any of these people, which is something that’s happened before. An interesting corollary is that they occasionally look at me wondering whether they should know me from somewhere, which mostly they don’t. Several personal heroes amongst the crowd. Performance goes quite well considering I and at least one other member of the band weren’t at the rehearsal and the sound person wasn’t expecting me to start playing (and so there was no sound on the guitar for the first bit, which was a bit of a shock for everybody. Nice, though. We were between Ben Goldacre and Richard Herring.

Drinks in the bar, then Phil gives me a lift home and picks up his PA.

Excellent stew by H. I buy tickets to go to Bath on Monday. Sadly, we’re going to Bath on Sunday so I’ll have to change them tomorrow.