Yokohama => Kobe

Up at 8:00, shave, shower, repack and check out.

We go to Yokohama to have breakfast – bacon and egg, Japanese style (so, very nicely cooked, with enormously thick slices of toast) and not to go to Yodobashi Camera, then to Shin-Yokohama station to catch the shinkansen to Kobe. We get a bento of gyoza at the station.

It’s difficult to overstate how much better the Japanese are at transportation than the British. I mean, they seem to be better than everybody else, but the difference in quality between Japan and Britain is just embarrassing.

Lots of kids on the train today, on their way to New Year’s celebrations.

Get to Kobe, catch more trains to Haru’s parents’ house.

Chill out, cake, a bit of a nap, then dinner – another hotpot followed by excellent strawberry cake. Mmm!