non-self-immolatory passengers

Up, amazingly, at about 8:00. Breakfast, news from around the world (man sets fire to knee on plane, occasioning more hassle for non-self-immolatory passengers; Japanese prime minister still humiliated by excessive pocket money).

Go out at 10:30: first to the artificial island in Kobe Bay, where there’s a bag-maker (superb stuff). Long chat, and we get some stuff – H gets an orange wallet, I get a notebook cover – then to lunch (Korean stir-fry; actually all the ingredients are delivered in a very hot iron bowl and the customer has to do their own stirring and frying, unless they want a combination of raw ingredients and burned rice), then to Pen & Message where we get pens (I get a very cool Pilot M-90) and notebooks and hang out with the cream of Kansai stationery obsessives.

By this time it is, incredibly, half-past five – we go and have tea and cake, then home for dinner.