some nefarious reason or other

Up early-ish. Sit, then walk to the Bennett Group meeting. Great fun, tremendous Movements session, lunch, then I walk home again.

I transfer the footage from the cameras. It looks like not only are the majority of shots badly framed, but they’re also overexposed. Arse. The recording sounds good, though, except that there are bursts of iPhone interference – the phone sends out bursts of digital signals for some nefarious reason or other, which is picked up by electronic devices such as, for example, video cameras. During the Passport Sessions I needed to be sure that the phone was well away from the mixer. Last night I did the same – I left the phone in my coat pocket, backstage, but retrieved the phone to turn off the ringer after Elan mentioned it from the stage, and absentmindedly put it in my jacket pocket.

I have a shot at de-clicking the recordings – there’ll be dozens, if not hundreds, of clicks that need to be removed individually. I try this for a while, then quit for dinner and decide to leave it until tomorrow. Actually quite a depressing turn of events. It would be nice to not cock something up once in a while.

Toast, then bed.

distracted and slightly panicked

Up early, sit, then walk to Smith Square. Peter is already there – I unpack the camera and try setting it up. The performers arrive after a while. I decide to set up the camera on the far side of the building (on the right as you’re facing the stage), behind a pillar so it doesn’t act as a distraction for the performers. I shoot some video while they’re rehearsing, then walk home.

I check the footage I’ve shot – the framing is pretty good for the two performers, they audio is very good, but the quality of the video itself is less than I might have hoped for, considering it’s quite an expensive camera. Ho hum. I read the manual for a bit, lunch, lie down then go out again to set up for the evening.

I get there at 18:00 and set up in the same place. Slowly the performers and audience arrive. I also use the small video camera to catch shots from the back of the hall.

When the show begins – Elan playing alone – I realise that although the composition might be very good for two players, for Elan alone (which is most of the show), it’s lousy – can’t really see his face behind the music stand some of the time, and the prop that holds the lid up is in front of it the rest of the time. Not sure where the ideal place would have been to video solo piano – probably in the middle somewhere, but there’s nowhere there to put the tripod out of the audience’s way. If the camera was in the same location on the other side (I tested it this morning) I’d get nothing but the backs of both performers. Perhaps nowhere. Bah. Very good performance, but I’m distracted and slightly panicked, and at one point possessed by the need to cough, or rather the wish to suppress the desperate need to cough.

After the show, pack up and go home. Get sausage and chips and watch the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie on the television.

Some pattern there

I wake up but don’t move for a while. Hum. Eventually get up and breakfast, clean my teeth, shower and upload the fairies to the publisher’s FTP server (Halleluiah!).

To the dental hygienist where I get a serious scrape (although after half an hour she stops and I have to ask where the other half is, then she reads the notes more carefully. The receptionist tries to charge me for half an hour, too. Some pattern there).

To Walker, where I try to get the current tranche of the job I’m working on done, although the underlying cold-or-something combined with my body’s reaction to the scraping (which must be a bit like being beaten up or something for it), mean I’m not terribly responsive.

Get home at about 16:30, lunch, clean my teeth again (current obsession, teeth), lie down and then out to the Bennett group. I walk there, get very damp and bus it back.

Dinner by H and cake courtesy of her office.

I feel liberated.

Up, sit, breakfast, etc.

Although I don’t get back to the fairies until later, I do manage to go and collect the special delivery package that was waiting for me (a new ATM card), then go to the post office and pay my taxes and return the signed form to my accountant. I feel liberated. I still don’t know why I don’t do it in April.

I’m to meet Judith S for lunch, so I hang about in Gramex for a while. They seem to have simplified things (classical A-Z upstairs, jazz downstairs, my favourite categories – ancient and modern – nowhere to be seen). I don’t buy anything.

Meet Judith, have nice lunch and discuss (among other things) the score book to accompany her CD.

Home, begin colouring in fairies. I really hope it’s nearing the end now. I carry on doing this all night (until rather late, actually), and while I am I watch various online videos, including a number of talks by and interviews with Elizabeth Warren, who seems to be turning into America’s conscience. I like her plain-speaking and intelligence. She’s sort of the Anti-Palin.

Anyway, bed late, darn it.

with walnut facing and condensed sans serif type.

I’ve noticed that recently the day after I do exercise, I find it difficult to get up in the morning. Yesterday I did exercise. Today… good, that’s right.

I do get up eventually and breakfast.

I’ve an appointment with the dentist at 12:15. All very pleasant, at least on the surface, though I’m trying to keep it together, which, I suspect, makes me quite distant. Anyway, teeth sort of bearing up, gums less so, I’ve got to go back for hardcore scraping next week.

Home. Lunch. Fairying.

H gets home, and I go and get pizza (or Pizza!) from downstairs, and we watch Eno night on BBC4, and the newly rebranded Review Programme on BBC 2. It seems that the new decade is rather more formal than the old one, with walnut facing and condensed sans serif type.

not (for example) flying-the-Atlantic-wise

I didn’t manage to get up in the morning – I remember myself being awake, but not moving, but that might be a rationalisation. Oh, let’s face it, it probably is a rationalisation, but I wasn’t moving, anyway.

The morning is spent colouring in fairies and trying to get a font to work (something I eventually achieve just before leaving to go to Walker in the afternoon). When I first made them, fonts were cranky but straightforward to make. Now, there are an insane number of settings and controls. I compared the contrast to that between a Ford Cortina and a Boing 747. Controls-wise, not (for example) flying-the-Atlantic-wise.

There’s a celebration for one of Walker’s director’s birthday, which interrupts the work somewhat, as does the fact that the computer is running slower and slower.

Home, make kedgeree completely wrongly for dinner (though still more than edible), then watch Screenwipe, Have I Got News For You and a documentary purportedly about chaos.

I wonder whether that’s intentional at all.

On the way to work I pass what must be a very impressive funeral at the cathedral – horsedrawn hearse outside and lots of people dressed like extras from Dick Whittington milling around. Can’t say I’m not curious.

When I get to Walker at 10:00, it feels like an achievement, despite the fact that I wanted to be there at 9:30. Ho hum.

I discover that the reason the files are so big on the disk is because they are dimensionally large, too (one of them appears to be A1), so a spot of printing that I thought would take an hour or so turns into a day of re-arranging the images so that they will print out.

While I’m working, I listen to Bruce Sterling, in an address to the Long Now Foundation, basically saying everything I think about AI and the Singularity, but better, and better informed.

At 13:00 I go home (H is at home today, has been out to get Japanese food and we arrive home together), clean my teeth and off to the dentist for a scrape.

I’ve noticed that when someone jumps, they are described as having left. When they are pushed, they are “no longer with us any more”. I wonder whether that’s intentional at all.

Back home, try and fail to address a font problem (which is, strictly speaking, a Quark Xpress 6.5 problem, which makes it very difficult to address) and then back to Walker again.

Re-arrrange, print, home.

Try with the font again, with restrained joy – that is to say I’ve sent a font over, and tomorrow the designer will spot a new problem. I’ve noticed this syndrome with fonts and XPress 6.5 before. Listen to different musics while I work, including several versions of Asa Branca

I’d have crashed

Another day of fairies (after going to the supermarket), which look like continuing on and on. I wonder how long I’d estimated it would take in the first place. Ah well.

Actually, at about seven I clock off for a run, and then we have dinner and then it’s time for Being Human, so I’m not really killing myself, but I suspect if I’d used every second available I’d have crashed halfway through next week, which wouldn’t have helped anyone.

While I’m working, I have online talks (mostly from the Long Now Foundation) playing in the background.

a full day of Fairies

Out for breakfast – full English at the former Perdoni’s, then back for a full day of Fairies (and while I’m working I watch a lot of online lectures and panels about media and marketing in the twenty-first century, which starts to warp my brain after a while, even more than the fairies, even), after which I go out and get fish and chips and then we watch the last couple of episodes of season two of The Wire, and then episode six again, with the commentary from McNulty and Omar, which is fun.

operating like a TV psychic

When I sit down to sit, my brain is quite blank. I notice this, and a phrase encapsulating it drifts across my brain, then another and another. Some part of me is operating like a TV psychic doing cold reading, throwing phrases at me, seeing which ones stick, and then coming up with others to follow up the ones that do. Don’t really get much done during the sitting this morning.

Morning spent working on a font, afternoon spent colouring in fairies, and watching lectures by the economist Paul Krugman on the internet

In the evening walk to the Bennett group, and then walk home again. Dinner, and last Sunday’s Being Human. Have decided that the weekend is best dedicated to the fairies, to get them out of the way.