The conversation becomes a bit strained.

Up at 6:00, sit, breakfast and the rest of it. I’m about to leave to go to Walker when I remember that I need to have uploaded something to the Orchard server, and that takes so long that I elect to stay and do some work at home rather than waste a whole morning. So fairies, then. Lunch, more fairies. Book appointment with the dental hygienist. The conversation becomes a bit strained. What is it with that place? I always feel like I’m on the verge of offending them. I realise that I should find a less easily offended dentist (or dentist’s receptionist), but I wonder whether they exist – I’ll probably inevitably imply that I feel a bit ripped off, because I often do feel a bit ripped off – fifty quid for half a hour of poking around in my mouth seems like a fair deal. Fifty quid for taking one look and telling me to make an appointment with the hygienist (which is what happened last time – I was going to do that anyway, but they required the dentist appointment), less so. Perhaps that’s everywhere. Things go weird when you’re selling healthcare as a product.

Ho hum.

H gets home at half past five, more fairies, then dinner, then we watch a couple more episodes of The Wire. Still very cold indeed.