“I’ve been trained to look out for…”

Less complicated than yesterday, although (as H pointed out when it got light) it snowed last night, so everything was shut down.

After 9:00 I call my bank. Apparantly there’s nothing wrong with my card other than that it’s a bit old. I order a new one. They try to sell me a loan. Usual stuff.

“I couldn’t help but notice…” I hate that. What they mean is “I’ve been trained to look out for…”. Wish they could be honest about that.

H texts to say she’s on her way home (I find out later that her workplace had declared a snow day, presumably while she was on her way, and when she got there, no one else had), I go out and trudge ‘cross the winter wonderland to Walker.

A day of Photoshopping, with a very pleasant lunch. It’s agreed that the most annoying thing about the snow shutting everything down isn’t the chaos – after all it’s not cost-effective to buy snow ploughs for two or three days a year at the most – but that they (amorphous “they”) seem to be surprised, as though they thought it would never happen again. Ho hum.

Pretty much finish at about 19:00, trudge home through the slush + dark.

At home, H has made curry, and bought cake from Konditor & Cook: Mmm-squared. After dinner another couple of episodes of The Wire.