I wonder whether that’s intentional at all.

On the way to work I pass what must be a very impressive funeral at the cathedral – horsedrawn hearse outside and lots of people dressed like extras from Dick Whittington milling around. Can’t say I’m not curious.

When I get to Walker at 10:00, it feels like an achievement, despite the fact that I wanted to be there at 9:30. Ho hum.

I discover that the reason the files are so big on the disk is because they are dimensionally large, too (one of them appears to be A1), so a spot of printing that I thought would take an hour or so turns into a day of re-arranging the images so that they will print out.

While I’m working, I listen to Bruce Sterling, in an address to the Long Now Foundation, basically saying everything I think about AI and the Singularity, but better, and better informed.

At 13:00 I go home (H is at home today, has been out to get Japanese food and we arrive home together), clean my teeth and off to the dentist for a scrape.

I’ve noticed that when someone jumps, they are described as having left. When they are pushed, they are “no longer with us any more”. I wonder whether that’s intentional at all.

Back home, try and fail to address a font problem (which is, strictly speaking, a Quark Xpress 6.5 problem, which makes it very difficult to address) and then back to Walker again.

Re-arrrange, print, home.

Try with the font again, with restrained joy – that is to say I’ve sent a font over, and tomorrow the designer will spot a new problem. I’ve noticed this syndrome with fonts and XPress 6.5 before. Listen to different musics while I work, including several versions of Asa Branca