not (for example) flying-the-Atlantic-wise

I didn’t manage to get up in the morning – I remember myself being awake, but not moving, but that might be a rationalisation. Oh, let’s face it, it probably is a rationalisation, but I wasn’t moving, anyway.

The morning is spent colouring in fairies and trying to get a font to work (something I eventually achieve just before leaving to go to Walker in the afternoon). When I first made them, fonts were cranky but straightforward to make. Now, there are an insane number of settings and controls. I compared the contrast to that between a Ford Cortina and a Boing 747. Controls-wise, not (for example) flying-the-Atlantic-wise.

There’s a celebration for one of Walker’s director’s birthday, which interrupts the work somewhat, as does the fact that the computer is running slower and slower.

Home, make kedgeree completely wrongly for dinner (though still more than edible), then watch Screenwipe, Have I Got News For You and a documentary purportedly about chaos.