I feel liberated.

Up, sit, breakfast, etc.

Although I don’t get back to the fairies until later, I do manage to go and collect the special delivery package that was waiting for me (a new ATM card), then go to the post office and pay my taxes and return the signed form to my accountant. I feel liberated. I still don’t know why I don’t do it in April.

I’m to meet Judith S for lunch, so I hang about in Gramex for a while. They seem to have simplified things (classical A-Z upstairs, jazz downstairs, my favourite categories – ancient and modern – nowhere to be seen). I don’t buy anything.

Meet Judith, have nice lunch and discuss (among other things) the score book to accompany her CD.

Home, begin colouring in fairies. I really hope it’s nearing the end now. I carry on doing this all night (until rather late, actually), and while I am I watch various online videos, including a number of talks by and interviews with Elizabeth Warren, who seems to be turning into America’s conscience. I like her plain-speaking and intelligence. She’s sort of the Anti-Palin.

Anyway, bed late, darn it.