Some pattern there

I wake up but don’t move for a while. Hum. Eventually get up and breakfast, clean my teeth, shower and upload the fairies to the publisher’s FTP server (Halleluiah!).

To the dental hygienist where I get a serious scrape (although after half an hour she stops and I have to ask where the other half is, then she reads the notes more carefully. The receptionist tries to charge me for half an hour, too. Some pattern there).

To Walker, where I try to get the current tranche of the job I’m working on done, although the underlying cold-or-something combined with my body’s reaction to the scraping (which must be a bit like being beaten up or something for it), mean I’m not terribly responsive.

Get home at about 16:30, lunch, clean my teeth again (current obsession, teeth), lie down and then out to the Bennett group. I walk there, get very damp and bus it back.

Dinner by H and cake courtesy of her office.