some nefarious reason or other

Up early-ish. Sit, then walk to the Bennett Group meeting. Great fun, tremendous Movements session, lunch, then I walk home again.

I transfer the footage from the cameras. It looks like not only are the majority of shots badly framed, but they’re also overexposed. Arse. The recording sounds good, though, except that there are bursts of iPhone interference – the phone sends out bursts of digital signals for some nefarious reason or other, which is picked up by electronic devices such as, for example, video cameras. During the Passport Sessions I needed to be sure that the phone was well away from the mixer. Last night I did the same – I left the phone in my coat pocket, backstage, but retrieved the phone to turn off the ringer after Elan mentioned it from the stage, and absentmindedly put it in my jacket pocket.

I have a shot at de-clicking the recordings – there’ll be dozens, if not hundreds, of clicks that need to be removed individually. I try this for a while, then quit for dinner and decide to leave it until tomorrow. Actually quite a depressing turn of events. It would be nice to not cock something up once in a while.

Toast, then bed.