After doing the shopping I find out that croissants don’t like to be microwaved for six minutes. I get more croissants.

Then I clean the bathroom.

Rest of the day spent in front of the computer sequencing pictures so they make something that’s not-quite-animated. I empathise with that, actually.

In the evening, watch the end of Being Human, then do the toast. The months are coming thick and fast at the moment.

leopards in the places where there were once giraffes

Up late on account of H lying in. Breakfast, then I get to work (putting leopards in the places where there were once giraffes) and H goes off to work, which is a different process. No giraffes in Surbiton, for a start.

That done, the day does descend into ditheriness somewhat, and I eat more than I’d like to. Towards the end of the day, the next job appears.

I go up to the Bennett meeting (on the bus as it’s raining, and I’ve forgotten my umbrella), and afterwards walk home (as the rain has stopped). Dinner, and then some audio tweakery. And a few more maths questions. I seem to be confused by fractions, which I never thought I was. And now I go to bed very late.


no normal ecosystem

Wake up at three something with a headache and proceed to lie there for several hours – until H has gone to work – hallucinating gently, or dreaming while half-awake anyway.

Get up, sit, breakfast.

In the morning I have to remove giraffes from drawings, so that they can be replaced with leopards later on. That’s quite a shift, if you think about it, and there’s no normal ecosystem in which the two creatures would be interchangeable. Still.

Complete that, have lunch. The replacement leopards don’t appear, so I walk to the hardware shop to get a trip switch for the fuse box, come home, find it doesn’t fit and then take it back. Not a terribly productive afternoon, then, really. Possible further job bubbling under, which is nice.

Home, shower, H comes home, and we go off to the gig.

They’ve refurbished King’s Cross tube. I suppose I approve, but there’s something inescapeably worrying about King’s Cross, no amount of tiling will hide that. Also it’s not quite as nice as the Jubilee extension.

Get there early, have drinks and sandwich at Pret A Manger, then go and queue, then finally get in. Meet Sylvain, Mark and Sandra, at least momentarily. Find a place to stand so we can see.

Support is very nice. In fact, i enjoy the niceness as much as anything else. The Humans are a lot of fun – don’t see many bands driven by two basses (in fact the last one I can think of is Hugo Largo). Hurrah, then.

Sneak home, get chips and sausages. late to bed.

my one haircut-related story

Spend the day with a headache, which cramps my style somewhat. Do go to the barber’s shop on Morley Street to have a haircut. The woman doing the cutting is conversational, so I have to break out my one haircut-related story (about going straight from waist-length to number one). Nice, though, and now I have short hair.

Headache gets worse through the evening. I do more maths. Factorisations. I assume this book is aimed at ten-year-olds or something.

notoriously dodgy power supply

Up spontaneously at 6:00, which was odd. Sit, breakfast, etc.

In the morning I finish the Hamster corrections and do some more on a secret project, which is quite fun. In the afternoon I drift rather. I find a PDF of mathematics exercise, some of which I do. I rather enjoy it. It’s like a quiz.

In the evening I go to SOAS to see the Chinese Tea House Ensemble (actually they’re called Bamboo Groove). I’m asked to help out with the mixing in the second half, but when I do, a horrific noise starts to come from the speakers. It takes me a while to work out which faders do what (it seems that the four faders for the two groups are connected to the four speakers mounted around the room – one speaker per channel), but I don’t think there’s anything I can do. The group perform acoustic while I feel embarrassed and look for advice on the internet. It appears that mixer has a notoriously dodgy power supply so I’ll blame it on that.

I’m fairly sure I didn’t do it and it’s just bad luck. But I could be wrong. If it affects all four channels, it’s likely to be something in the mixer – the noise comes out when I raise any Group fader, even with all other faders down. Ho hum.

Walk home. Dinner. More maths.

but then why would they remember?

My body or some part of my psyche wants to start the weekend early (I’m not sure that I blame it), because I wake up late, and not very well when I do. And don’t achieve much during the day, though I do get to the supermarket.

In the evening, when I go to get noodles, a young woman approaches me with “Please, please, you must help me”. Except that she did exactly the same thing with exactly the same approach a few months ago. Very odd. I must look like a mark for those sorts of beggar, but such that they target me repeatedly. I’d have thought the sensible thing to do would be not to approach the same people, but then why would they remember?

The money can’t be that good, surely?

there shouldn’t be a “wrong” version

I oversleep, and am stupidly tired when I do wake up, and stupidly late when I get into Walker.

Still working on the same spread I’ve been working on all week. This must be the problem one. Stay until 7:30, with a brief break for cake (NOT CHOCOLATE!!) at 16:00.

Home, stew, play music most of the evening – Gilbert & Sullivan, Eric Coates (and other light music), Arthur Bliss and then library music and music from The Prisoner, particularly the mad stuff.

I think it might be my own folk music, certainly what I feel the most affinity with. The curious thing is that specific recordings have been so associated with Sleepy Lagoon (Desert Island Discs) or Puffin’ Billy (Captain Kangaroo or Coronation Scot, which means nothing to me, but you’d know it if you heard it), especially recordings made in the 1950s. Hearing other versions sounds wrong, even though they’re orchestral pieces and there shouldn’t be a “wrong” version. Ho hum.

The Prisoner stuff is great, especially the tracks from The Girl Who Was Death(and very especially Car Chase and Attack on the Bulldozer, which aren’t the original titles. I’m still looking for those).

a very slow video feedback loop

Up, supermarket, home, breakfast, clean the bathroom…

(Deep breath)

then back to to working on the Hamsters. Discover the screen sharing option in Skype, which makes everything a lot easier. Actually, it’s quite cool, especially when I drag the little window that shows what’s on the other screen onto the screen that’s being shared and set up a very slow video feedback loop.

That’s most of the day right there.

At 20:00 start making hamburgersteak for dinner (with chips) and then watch Being Human and then back to the hamsters, which is now done for the moment.

I hope not, anyway.

Up late, sit (synchronised with Dorset) and, after breakfast, down to the next job, which involves hamsters. While I’m working, I listen to Joseph Stiglitz lectures. I assume the tone won’t find its way into the book. I hope not, anyway. Not sure that a fun book about hamsters can bear the influence of a sobering overview of the excesses of the multinational corporations and the international banks.

That goes on surprisingly late. Then I go to the chip shop to get dinner.

Home. With and after dinner, we watch Moon, which really is as fabulous as everyone says.

The hares are going well, though

As H isn’t going in to work today, up a little later. I get in to Walker at about 10:10, which feels like failure, somewhat.

Doing the Hares all day, with a break for soup at lunchtime. I listen to a lot of podcasted talks.

Home at 18:30, various web stuff in the evening.

Not a lot to the day, sadly. Not a lot of detail, anyway. The hares are going well, though, so.