Nothing, thankfully, on the Violin Sonata

Up early to return the camera. H goes to work, despite obviously coming down with a cold. I catch a bus up to Dean Street with the camera and tripod (would actually have turned out to be quicker and less uncomfortable to walk, but what the hell), and walk home.

Begin work on trying to remove the three or four patches of iPhone intereference on the recordings. Nothing, thankfully, on the Violin Sonata, which is probably the most important bit, but terrible stuff during some of the quiet passages. Generally don’t have good feeling about this – I wonder if I’ll successfully get back the money I used to hire the camera, if I can’t produce a decent video. Ho hum. At least I’ll hopefully remember in future to keep the phone away from any recording device.

Lie down. H comes home again, ill and lies down in the bedroom, going to bed very early. I watch sarcastic reviews of Star Trek movies on YouTube.