hair clippers (of all things)

Up.. sometime.. woken by the sound of the phone ringing, though I don’t get to it in time. My lurgi seems to have segued into Haru’s lurgi.

Have late breakfast (H is also at home, with her own lurgi), then I go into Walker (it seems that the phone call was a message that there was a problem with the files I did last week). So in, then back on the bus and drop in to the shopping centre – Tesco and checking out hair clippers (of all things) at the hardware store. Home.

H is now up, so I use the opportunity to work on the files from Saturday night – lots of cleaning up to do, ending up with hopefully useable files. Most of the pieces are untouched, but knowing that there are those bursts of noise in there somewhere makes it seem slightly dirty. Ho hum.

I make fairly special fried rice in vast quantities, the only quantity I seem to understand. We eat it, then watch the rest of season three of The Wire. Only two more seasons to go, perhaps we should slow down.