rapping myself on the forehead

The theme for the day seemed to be “obstructions” – certainly there were a lot of them on the way to and at the supermarket, so I just spent the day at the keyboard identifying the harmonisations of different scales, finding chords in common and modulating between them. All the different types of chord found in the diatonic scale ( major 7th, minor 7th, dominant 7 and half-diminished) are found in the harmonic minor scale, but not in the same order (so while Dm7, G7 and Cmaj 7 are all in the C Ionian mode, Dm7 is in A harm minor, G7 in C harm minor and C maj 7 in E harm minor. Or something like that). Making life much harder for myself and I wonder whether it’s one of those things that will just result in me rapping myself on the forehead and exclaiming “D’oh, of course!”

Anyway, I make a curry for dinner and we watch Being Human, Screenwipe and a doc about TV pathologists.