I’ve been missing my toenail cutter.

Something gets me up, which I’m grateful for, but slightly surprised by. Still, it’s nice to know that there’s someone responsible in charge. Sit, breakfast, etc.

I start going through the stuff looking for the debit card. When I’ve moved a lot of it, I call the camera hire company, and find that I did leave it there. So. I do various small things (including continuing my explorations of notes) and after lunch walk up to the camera shop, collect the card and use it to buy several DVDs from Fopp and a toenail cutter from Boots. I’ve been missing my toenail cutter (it will be coming the slow way from Japan along with the other toiletries), and they’re difficult to bite.

H makes dinner, after which I do some more work on the recording from Saturday before last (it feels like the pause button was on for last week) as well as transferring the video from the secondary camera.