all doilies and tea cosies and antimacassars

Usual early beginning. I linger too long and am late into Walker. Ho hum. So a day spent adapting hares, with a nice soupy lunch.

After work to the V&A to see Alan Bennett chatting about stuff. I think they put it rather better in the programme, but that was the gist. The V&A is shut at this time on a Tuesday, so there was a cadre of attendants to make sure we stout bourgeois types made it to the lecture theatre (and back afterwards) and didn’t try to make a break for it, hoping to have an overnight museum adventure as in that film with Ben Stiller.

Mr Bennett was very entertaining, which is good, and an unsurprisingly supportive audience. In the 80s, he was represented on the programme Spitting Image as resolutely cosy, all doilies and tea cosies and antimacassars, which just went to prove that no one who worked on the programme actually saw any of his plays, as they’re all about despair and death, though often very funny with it. He doesn’t look seventy-five, I must say.

On the way home, stop at the chinese and get takeaway food. Then some JGB tweaking.