there shouldn’t be a “wrong” version

I oversleep, and am stupidly tired when I do wake up, and stupidly late when I get into Walker.

Still working on the same spread I’ve been working on all week. This must be the problem one. Stay until 7:30, with a brief break for cake (NOT CHOCOLATE!!) at 16:00.

Home, stew, play music most of the evening – Gilbert & Sullivan, Eric Coates (and other light music), Arthur Bliss and then library music and music from The Prisoner, particularly the mad stuff.

I think it might be my own folk music, certainly what I feel the most affinity with. The curious thing is that specific recordings have been so associated with Sleepy Lagoon (Desert Island Discs) or Puffin’ Billy (Captain Kangaroo or Coronation Scot, which means nothing to me, but you’d know it if you heard it), especially recordings made in the 1950s. Hearing other versions sounds wrong, even though they’re orchestral pieces and there shouldn’t be a “wrong” version. Ho hum.

The Prisoner stuff is great, especially the tracks from The Girl Who Was Death(and very especially Car Chase and Attack on the Bulldozer, which aren’t the original titles. I’m still looking for those).