notoriously dodgy power supply

Up spontaneously at 6:00, which was odd. Sit, breakfast, etc.

In the morning I finish the Hamster corrections and do some more on a secret project, which is quite fun. In the afternoon I drift rather. I find a PDF of mathematics exercise, some of which I do. I rather enjoy it. It’s like a quiz.

In the evening I go to SOAS to see the Chinese Tea House Ensemble (actually they’re called Bamboo Groove). I’m asked to help out with the mixing in the second half, but when I do, a horrific noise starts to come from the speakers. It takes me a while to work out which faders do what (it seems that the four faders for the two groups are connected to the four speakers mounted around the room – one speaker per channel), but I don’t think there’s anything I can do. The group perform acoustic while I feel embarrassed and look for advice on the internet. It appears that mixer has a notoriously dodgy power supply so I’ll blame it on that.

I’m fairly sure I didn’t do it and it’s just bad luck. But I could be wrong. If it affects all four channels, it’s likely to be something in the mixer – the noise comes out when I raise any Group fader, even with all other faders down. Ho hum.

Walk home. Dinner. More maths.