no normal ecosystem

Wake up at three something with a headache and proceed to lie there for several hours – until H has gone to work – hallucinating gently, or dreaming while half-awake anyway.

Get up, sit, breakfast.

In the morning I have to remove giraffes from drawings, so that they can be replaced with leopards later on. That’s quite a shift, if you think about it, and there’s no normal ecosystem in which the two creatures would be interchangeable. Still.

Complete that, have lunch. The replacement leopards don’t appear, so I walk to the hardware shop to get a trip switch for the fuse box, come home, find it doesn’t fit and then take it back. Not a terribly productive afternoon, then, really. Possible further job bubbling under, which is nice.

Home, shower, H comes home, and we go off to the gig.

They’ve refurbished King’s Cross tube. I suppose I approve, but there’s something inescapeably worrying about King’s Cross, no amount of tiling will hide that. Also it’s not quite as nice as the Jubilee extension.

Get there early, have drinks and sandwich at Pret A Manger, then go and queue, then finally get in. Meet Sylvain, Mark and Sandra, at least momentarily. Find a place to stand so we can see.

Support is very nice. In fact, i enjoy the niceness as much as anything else. The Humans are a lot of fun – don’t see many bands driven by two basses (in fact the last one I can think of is Hugo Largo). Hurrah, then.

Sneak home, get chips and sausages. late to bed.