Except with cold weather.

Slightly constructive day – manage to post some CDs, get some stuff to the dump and pencil out the changes to the flat I want to make. Also tentatively plan sudden Easter visit to Bath, but we’ll see.

In the evening make dinner and sort old photographs. It’s sad to see how often autofocus isn’t.

Not heavy duty work, but still.

The weather’s turned very cold, Winter’s last gasp before the inevitable happens. A bit like in a James Bond film, when the villain’s been finished off, but the henchman appears from behind something to give it one last go, and has to be dispatched in an imaginative way, and then punned over. Except with cold weather.

Completely forgot the toast.

on a big exhale

Up at 6:00 to sit. The boundless energy of the last week has evaporated somewhat, but it does feel spacious somehow.

In the morning I don’t sleep, as a little voice keeps telling me I could if I wanted, but I don’t manage to do anything constructive either. A nil-nil draw, then.

Into Walker in the afternoon to do cover stuff for the hares. Leave at around eight. Home, then the stuff that I should have done this morning.

Haven’t felt post-course withdrawal like this for a very long time – it used to be difficult coming back to my solitary flat after a while surrounded by so many people, but I’ve not felt like that for a long time until today. Another sign that it was a positive experience, then. Also, makes me think of the breath, which I’ve now identified to be three separate movements (although I’m sure my ideas about that will change when I’ve had looked some more: the body opens to accept the breath; then the inhale, then the exhale (during which whatever we extract from the air is absorbed into the body and what remains is released into the atmosphere. I guess I’m just on a big exhale at the moment. Could even go further and suggest it’s a sigh.

I even check out the GC site to see what’s happening, but it just flaunts its non-existence at me. I knew that. I made that happen. I don’t know quite why I didn’t remember it.

laundry or dribbling

Spent the day either doing laundry or dribbling. Tried not to dribble on the laundry after I’d washed it, as it would be a shame to have to do it again. In the evening cooked steak and onions (H got some chips) and retouched some of the Sasso photographs and uploaded them.

Travel Day

These are mountains, somewhere between Gatwick and Rome. There are a lot of them. I was grateful to be flying over them rather than sitting on one.

has never been the nicest place in the world

Up a bit late, but H is at home today so we both have a bit of a lie in. Then get up and do morning stuff.

Into Walker to finish of this tranche of the current job, and home in the afternoon. I have a list of things to get and go to the shopping centre to get them, coming home empty-handed (and immediately locating the sheet that I’d gone out to replace. So sort of hurrah.) Anyway, the shopping centre, which has never been the nicest place in the world, is now fairly hellish, largely because of the bustle and the fact that someone is placed every ten feet or so to try to sell things to you, so you spend your time dodging people with clipboards who “just want to have a word” about something.

Home, more packing (possibly all of it), dinner, hanging out. Stuff.

So travelling tomorrow, then.

I wish it didn’t swallow everything in its path

Up a little later than I’d like and into Walker. Some more Hare action, or what passes for action when you’re trying to amend a 1.4Gb Photoshop file on a PowerPC Mac Mini.

This work goes on into the evening, so I miss the Bennett Group meeting. Bah. Generally it seems to be going well, though, I wish it didn’t swallow everything in its path.

Home, head bubbling. Dinner, then dither. That’s the correct order.

a very large green expanse

Up a bit late, into Walker a bit late too. Ho hum. More work on the hares, mostly on a very large green expanse, which is doing my head in slightly as it can’t be any old large green expanse.

Soup at lunchtime – very nice sort of Thai lentil soup. There’s lemongrass and coconut in it, anyway.

Home at 19:00, out for some running around and back to the flat for a shower, delicious lamb steaks and a short website alteration session.

Audio treatment, more hiss-mining. There may be gold in there. Not sure.

precision coincidence

Up early, lots of dithering, some giraffe removal and leopard replacement, not going to an open mic, cooking curry and some audio retouching in the evening, including trying to pull something resembling speech from a sea of hiss. I now have something resembling speech, rather than speech itself, but ho hum.

In the afternoon, I get a message asking whether I can take a package somewhere, which I assent to, only to be told moments later that in fact it’s not necessary, and moments after that another completely unrelated message appears asking whether I can take another package.

I watch a documentary about the Hatti (also known as the Hittites, but not the Hittites from the Bible – lost civilisation in ancient Turkey), Google them and get a link to Hattie McDaniel, just as a tweet from Roger Ebert appears on my screen linking to video of Hattie McDaniel accepting her Oscar. That’s precision coincidence, I think.

without losing my temper or shoplifting anything

Up late, out to get croissants (I go to Sainsbury’s and successfully manage to negotiate the automatic tills without losing my temper or shoplifting anything), pick up money, home and have breakfast. H goes out, I change the strings on nylon-string Godin (one of which seems to have spontaneously broken in protest against my not changing the strings in a long time) and dither.

At 16:00 out to Jacek’s to the performance of his group. Arrive early and end up waiting on the doorstep until rescued by another audience member. Socialise and chat, then go into the performance, then back again for more socialisation until Chris gives us a lift home.

Get fish and chips and then watch three more episodes of The Wire season four.

a perfectly plausible inversion

Oversleep and get into Walker very late. Ho hum. Carry on with the Hares. I’m actually not sure where I am with this.

Home about 19:30, then go for a run around, home, shower, dinner and vagueness, with a little exploration of the melodic minor scale. I find a perfectly plausible inversion of the dominant 7th chord (albeit one with the 7th in the bass), that I must have found and forgotten many times over the last twenty or so years, like a jazzier version of Memento. Also some Johnny Smith chords, which I must get back up to speed on, as if I do them right they surprise people.