precision coincidence

Up early, lots of dithering, some giraffe removal and leopard replacement, not going to an open mic, cooking curry and some audio retouching in the evening, including trying to pull something resembling speech from a sea of hiss. I now have something resembling speech, rather than speech itself, but ho hum.

In the afternoon, I get a message asking whether I can take a package somewhere, which I assent to, only to be told moments later that in fact it’s not necessary, and moments after that another completely unrelated message appears asking whether I can take another package.

I watch a documentary about the Hatti (also known as the Hittites, but not the Hittites from the Bible – lost civilisation in ancient Turkey), Google them and get a link to Hattie McDaniel, just as a tweet from Roger Ebert appears on my screen linking to video of Hattie McDaniel accepting her Oscar. That’s precision coincidence, I think.