has never been the nicest place in the world

Up a bit late, but H is at home today so we both have a bit of a lie in. Then get up and do morning stuff.

Into Walker to finish of this tranche of the current job, and home in the afternoon. I have a list of things to get and go to the shopping centre to get them, coming home empty-handed (and immediately locating the sheet that I’d gone out to replace. So sort of hurrah.) Anyway, the shopping centre, which has never been the nicest place in the world, is now fairly hellish, largely because of the bustle and the fact that someone is placed every ten feet or so to try to sell things to you, so you spend your time dodging people with clipboards who “just want to have a word” about something.

Home, more packing (possibly all of it), dinner, hanging out. Stuff.

So travelling tomorrow, then.