on a big exhale

Up at 6:00 to sit. The boundless energy of the last week has evaporated somewhat, but it does feel spacious somehow.

In the morning I don’t sleep, as a little voice keeps telling me I could if I wanted, but I don’t manage to do anything constructive either. A nil-nil draw, then.

Into Walker in the afternoon to do cover stuff for the hares. Leave at around eight. Home, then the stuff that I should have done this morning.

Haven’t felt post-course withdrawal like this for a very long time – it used to be difficult coming back to my solitary flat after a while surrounded by so many people, but I’ve not felt like that for a long time until today. Another sign that it was a positive experience, then. Also, makes me think of the breath, which I’ve now identified to be three separate movements (although I’m sure my ideas about that will change when I’ve had looked some more: the body opens to accept the breath; then the inhale, then the exhale (during which whatever we extract from the air is absorbed into the body and what remains is released into the atmosphere. I guess I’m just on a big exhale at the moment. Could even go further and suggest it’s a sigh.

I even check out the GC site to see what’s happening, but it just flaunts its non-existence at me. I knew that. I made that happen. I don’t know quite why I didn’t remember it.