successfully reframing teacakes

After eating hot cross buns for breakfast (and surely that was an early branding exercise, successfully reframing teacakes for a particular time of the year), I spend most of the day rearranging the bookshelf. This doesn’t sound like much, I realise, but at the end of the process I feel very pleased with myself. Look, it was a bank holiday, I had to make my own entertainment. Slowly filling a box with books to take to a charity shop. What surprises me is the number of books that I feel an attachment to, despite the fact that I’m not likely to read them any time soon. Perhaps it’s that books feel increasingly like an endangered species, and if I get rid of my copy of, say, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, I’m not sure that I could replace it. It appears to have a King Rollo in it at one point, which pleases me immensely.

That’s pretty much it, actually. Takeaway curry for dinner.