they’ll think I’m eating them

Up latish. Breakfast at El Vergel – refried beans, chorizo, scrambled egg, something very like arepas – then walk into town along the northern embankment to London Graphic Centre. Split there – I get some A3 picture frames and some film to stick on the bathroom window.

Walk home, put the A3 OCG and RF+LCG posters in the frames, then out again to get supplies to help stick on the film, small nails and a hammer to hang the A3 frames and carrying a tripod without quick release plate to see if I can get one (the answer is a resounding no). Get a large frame and an A2 one from LGC, and successfully walk home with it.

Arrive home at exactly the same time as Haru, who comes bearing delicious macaroons. Tea and macaroons, then mounting the large OCG II poster in the large frame. All goes swimmingly until I pick it up to hang it on the wall, when I break off one corner of the glass. I am a fool. Hang it with the broken glass. Can’t go back to get another frame immediately, they’ll think I’m eating them.

In the A2 frame I put the picture that Viv S drew to go with River Rise, which I still need to make into a movie.

Watch the high-octane opener to the new series of Dr Who, then the promo doc to go with it, then go out to get fish and chips, which we eat while Top Gear is on, followed by Pirates of the Caribbean. I notice for the first time how similar it is to Terry Pratchett’s books (types of characters, structure, that sort of thing), and wonder whether the influence was conscious anywhere in the writing process.

Bed soon, then.