judging all over the place

Up at 6:00. to Waterloo Station and to Dorset.

On the train I’m in the same carriage as two (after Basingstoke four), gentlemen who’ve spent the night clubbing. During the two hours they’re on the train, they buy and consume three shorts (two vodkas and a gin), and appear to be going off to spend the day drinking in the sun. And then to party again.

I notice some things: The assimilation of negative indicators as superlatives continues apace: A DJ is described as “ruining” the room; the club was “hideous”. These are good things; The many descriptions they give over the phone of the night I find curiously unengaging – lots of jargon and superlatives, no reasons given why the night was so enjoyable – the language is simultaneously colourful and flat – essentially a bunch of nouns and a large number of synonyms for “good”; One particularly interesting detail – constant references to being “kicked out” – so leaving the club was being kicked out, getting off the train was being kicked off, but at the same time this also referred to actually being ejected from a train, so there seemed to be no differentiation between willingly or unwillingly leaving somewhere – it was all being kicked out. I resolve to observe without judging and fail, judging all over the place.

Arrive in Sherborne and get a lift to Annes. Bennett Day, including a bunch of work in the garden – I wear myself out in the first half an hour stacking wood, and then find that in the rest of the time, I’m supposed to be digging holes. Not a success.

Lovely lunch as usual, fascinating exchange of ideas .

Train home, pick up fish and chips. New Dr Who not initially working, but we get to see it after watching Quatermass 2. Newer Who is great stuff.