Not really designed to have people in

Strangely unhelpful day, spent trying to move things around in the flat to not much avail.

In the evening to the Barbican to see Laurie Anderson – the Barbican is a 70s throwback, and strangely uncomfortable – end up sitting on sofas in corridors, trying to balance a cup of coffee and a plate. Not really designed to have people in, more designed to be looked at in photographs or (ideally) architects visualisations. And everything seems to be very expensive, but perhaps that’s cultural centres everywhere.

Laurie Anderson is fab, though. Delusion is a wonderful, meditative show about forms of Avidya and (particularly) death. The best bits are monologues she performs, accompanying herself on the violin, which is echoed and doubled until it’s almost symphonic, with affecting little musical lines punctuating her words.

Home, chips. Bed.